Congerstone village


This website is dedicated to our village and the strong community in Congerstone.

On this site you’ll be able to read about the history of Congerstone and the surrounding countryside, see old photos of the community and past events, and even add your own stories and photos.

You’ll also be able to read about the many activities being undertaken to restore and improve the historic church of St Mary the Virgin, which sits in the heart of the village.

There are various projects currently underway to ensure St Mary’s has a safe and well maintained future so that it can continue to be the focus of activities in Congerstone.

And – if you like – you can even get involved!



One of these days we should write a book about Gopsall” said John Matthews & Mike Foley whilst they were supporting an important building in the area, the village pub (The Horse & Jockey).  Well, here it is!!