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Page updated 22nd May 2024

Planned Fundraising Events for 2024
Congerstone Village Hall



Saturday 13th Treasure Hunt and Tea Room (£5 for a map) 2pm-4pm

Saturday 27th BBQ (£10) 1pm-4pm


Saturday 10th Summer Tea Party (£10 Afternoon Tea) 2pm-4pm

Saturday 17th Church Fete (For Church Funds) 2:30pm-5pm


Wednesday 25th Fashion Show (£10) 7:30pm

Date TBA History Talk (£5) 7:30pm


Wednesday 16th History Talk – Gopsall’s Unrecorded Lives (£5) 7:30pm

Monday 21st Harvest Supper (For Church Funds)


Saturday 9th Pop Up Shop and Tea Room 2pm-4pm

Saturday 23rd James Bond Casino Night (£10) 7:30pm


TBA Crafting (Wreath Making) Cost and times TBA

Sunday 1st Church Lights Switch On (For Church Funds) Donations

Thursday 5th Christmas Concert (£10) 7:30pm


Christmas Carol Service & Childrens’ Nativity at St Mary’s

5pm Thursday 21st December


(Nativity Image attribution)



Gopsall Villages WI meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 7.30pm.  Why not give the WI a try?  Come as a visitor for just £4 on the night and see if you like it.



This official emblem celebrates the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III on 6 May 2023.  The emblem is created with the flora of the four nations of the United Kingdom:
the rose for England
the thistle for Scotland
the daffodil for Wales
the shamrock for Northern Ireland
These natural forms combine to describe St Edward’s Crown, used for the coronation of British monarchs.


St Mary’s Church

Wednesday 21st December at 7pm



Many thanks to all those who helped set up and run the fete and to all those who attended.  The church provided much needed cover for teas, cakes and books!
Despite the rain, £1475 was raised; a sum that will nearly cover the annual cost of insurance for the church.

Jubilee Bells

The bells of St Mary’s will ring at 12:30h on Friday 3rd June to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.


Pop Up shop at St Mary’s

Thanks to everyone who attended.  We made over £200 for St Mary’s Church on 20th November in addition to the £454 taken at the Christmas Pop Up shop in the Church Hall on 6th November 2021.

July Pop-up shop in St Mary’s Church


Congerstone War Memorial
& Remembrance Sunday 2020

Shackerstone Parish Council have had the War Memorial steam cleaned and the lettering repainted in time for Remembrance Sunday.  The total cost of this work was £2946. 

Join the
Congerstone Rock Snake & keep her growing –
She’s now 12.7m / 41ft long!
The snake is opposite the bus shelter with a box of rocks.  Take a rock, paint it however you like and add it to the Snake.  Let’s see how much she grows …………..
Adults are allowed to join in too!
Many thanks to villagers Sandra, Vicky and Quinnan for cleaning the phone box and bus shelter on the memorial triangle in Congerstone

Harvest 2019 – Vegetable Animals made by the children from Congerstone School